The stunning and record-setting drama The King's Woman has become one of the most popular Asian historical romances. Fans especially applaud Zhang Bin Bin's phenomenal performance as the ruthless king whose love could be lethal, as well as his extreme chemistry with his leading lady, Dilraba Dilmurat, Let's find out more about Zhang Bin Bin - the man, the actor, he really dating Dilraba?

Zhang Bin Bin has now joined the ranks of select actors who have played the legendary Ying Zheng, and he stands tall with his unique charisma and aura in his impressive performance. One might say that Zhang Bin Bin brought humanity to let King Ying Zheng vividly leap from history's fraying pages.

Although the King of Qin (later First Emperor of Qin) was assessed by history as perhaps the most vicious tyrant in ancient China despite his many accomplishments, viewers couldn't help but fall in love with Zhang Bin Bin and saw Ying Zhing as a a multifaceted man who thirsted for love and devotion but ultimately lost his one true love because of his selfish and limitless ambitions.

Did you know...

1. Zhang Bin Bin is only 24!

His fans are particularly impressed that such a young actor has been able to project a range of emotions in his portrayal of King Ying Zheng. The drama covered the King of Qin from the age of 21 to about 32. Will there be a sequel? Fans probably won't accept anyone else now that Zhang Bin Bin has made Ying Zheng his own.

2. His given name, Bin Bin (彬彬), means polite and well mannered. He also has an English name: Vin.

He really comes across as very gentle, warm, and even a little shy, as seen in the interview he gave with Dilraba Dilmurat when they were asked how much they kissed in The King's Woman.

3. He debuted at the age of 20 in idol drama V-Love in 2013, although the web series wasn't released until 2014. 

According to official filmography, V-Love is where he and Dilraba Dilmurat appeared together for the first time, but they weren't paired as a couple. They finally became a leading couple in The King's Woman, where Zhang Bin Bin starred in his first romantic leading-man role. The historical romance is also the rising actor's 10th drama, after memorable roles as the hacker KO in Love O2O and Ghost Prince Li Jing in fantasy romance Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.


(Love O2O)

(Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms)

4. Is he dating Dilraba Dilmurat?

They say they are very good friends. The two actors have co-starred in quite a few productions together, and their strong chemistry naturally leads to fans hoping for a real romance. Zhang Bin Bin doesn't hide his friendship with Dilraba, and even admitted in an interview that Dilraba was worshipped like a goddess from afar by him and other classmates in school. 

(At the blessing ceremony to begin filming The King's Woman)


(Media day)

(Press conference)

5. His Weibo account is HERE, where you can see fun photos posted by the friendly actor.

BONUS: Watch Zhang Bin Bin and Dilraba Dilmurat sing "I Wrote of You in My Song" on stage. The love song is originally written and performed by famous Taiwanese group Soda Green.

There is no doubt that Zhang Bin Bin's star is now turbocharged to rise even higher and brighter. Can you believe his childhood dream was to become a soccer player? We're glad he became an actor, and we can't wait to see the handsome and talented actor again soon!

Have you watched The King's Woman? It's never too late to start, especially now that the drama is ready for binge viewing.



Starring Dilraba Dilmurat and Zhang Bin Bin (Vin Zhang)

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