This simple and direct beauty test is making beauty conscious Chinese women go crazy right now. Line up your index finger against your face from chin to nose. If your mouth does not touch your finger, you are considered beautiful or handsome.

On Weibo, the Twitter-like Chinese social media platform, the test could sink previously considered 'hot' looking men and women into deep depression. Some posters have admitted to bursting into tears. They now have to console themselves with only possessing inner beauty. Some also complained that if someone is endowed with a protruding chin, does that automatically make that person pretty?

Snow White's stepmother had to ask her magic mirror if she was still the most beautiful, and there have been scholarly theories on how to measure the perfect beauty of the woman who was painted in Da Vinci's famous 'Mona Lisa,' but this simple finger test certainly is easy to do and does not require reading a book or visiting a beauty expert. Western media has caught on to this craze and are calling it the 'Finger Trap' test. Here is a sample of photos depicting famous celebrities: