Famous Chinese actress Zhao Wei (Tiger Mom) and her wealthy businessman husband didn't realize that their mansion was sold from under their nose by their personal driver. They finally found out because the new "owner" is suing them in order to take over the property. How did this very strange case happen?

Zhao Wei and her husband, Huang Youlong, together own over one billion dollars in assets, including real estate in China and other countries. The 39-year-old actress and her husband recently found themselves being sued. The plaintiff said the celebrity couple had sold their home but continued to occupy the mansion, and the new owner was forced to sue in order to move in.

That their mansion was sold was shocking news to Zhao Wei and her husband. It's particularly ironic that Huang Youlong gained much of his wealth from smart real estate investments.

The very wealthy couple own many properties around the world, even including a winery and vineyard in France. They obviously lead a very busy life. So Is it just possible that they forgot about this real estate transaction?

According to the couple's lawyer, the sale was fraudulent. It has been speculated by Chinese media news that Huang's driver fooled an expensive high-tech facial recognition system installed by the local notary administration and successfully registered himself as Mr. Huang. It's also possible that there are human failures at various stages throughout the process as the impostor would have needed a photo ID card and other documents to complete the registration. Reportedly he then used a third party to conduct the actual sale.

A lot is certainly at stake. It's not just that the mansion is worth an estimated 76 million yuan (about US$ 12 million), but the alleged fraud is revealing scary pitfalls in the transaction process.

The lawsuit started on October 22 in Beijing and the case is currently pending. So stay tuned to see if Zhao Wei and her husband get to keep their home.

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