In just 28 days since its release, the much-anticipated Japanese anime Your Name has grossed over 10 billion yen (99 million dollars), already making it the ninth highest-grossing film of all time. 

Besides Hayao Miyazaki films, director Makoto Shinkai's newest feature is the only animated film in Japanese history to earn more than 10 billion yen at the box office, a feat that's quite impressive considering the countless anime that comes out of Japan. Centered around a high school girl in the country and a high school boy in Tokyo, this adolescent science fiction fantasy is based on Shinkai's novel of the same name. For some reason, the two characters wake up with their genders swapped, their fate being sealed in a falling comet that appears every 1000 years. Besides the strange and magical story, the film's immense popularity is being credited to the beautiful cinematography, its use of real-life locations all over Japan, and the soundtrack, of which popular band RADWIMPS performs four songs. Besides Shinkai's rising popularity, the success of Your Name is also a result of the rave reviews posted by viewers on social media. It's been a while since there has been a blockbuster anime in Japan, and it seems like Japanese moviegoers are excited, to say the least.

Here's hoping that this film makes it out of Japan and into theaters worldwide sometime soon. It sure looks like a pretty special film.