Last week, we reported that actor Kim Ji Soo was rushed to the hospital to receive emergency surgery for an acute osteomyelitis infection in his leg. Today, his agency sent out an update on his health and information about his involvement in currently-airing drama Fantastic.

Ji Soo's agency, Prain TPC, has revealed that he is currently well on the road to recovery (thank goodness!). They will continue to monitor his progress to determine when he is able to go back to work on JTBC drama Fantastic

In the meantime, the scripts for this week's episodes have sadly been changed to reduce Ji Soo's storyline. Luckily, it is planned for his scenes to be added in to later episodes. Everyone on set is looking forward to his return, but will continue filming in his absence.  

Ji Soo's other current drama Scarlet Heart: Ryeo will not be affected as it was pre-produced and he is done filming.

We hope he takes time to prioritize his health and makes a full recovery! Get well soon, Ji Soo!