I've seen some pretty amazing individual feats and accomplishments in my lifetime, but I've never seen anything quite like this. A short video clip of a Chinese man juggling ping pong balls with his mouth has surfaced online, and what he can do is beyond incredible.

Again, the power of the internet has bestowed upon the world an opportunity to witness another dedicated and talented individual from the other side of the globe. Mr Song Fei, of China, who's determined to grab the attention of the Guinness Book of World Records selection committee, got his mind-boggling juggling skills recorded by a friend to get closer to his dream. If I was working for the Guinness Book, he'd definitely get my vote, especially considering the stupid world records out there, like furthest distance milk has been squirted from an eye and most snails on a face. Song totally deserves to be a world record holder!

To juggle anything with your mouth would seem close to impossible for most people, but Song does it with ping pong balls, which, as you know, are so light they can be affected even by the slightest currents of air. To be able to control them with your own breath, which is what he does as he juggles them, is a testament to the years of hard work and focus put into his craft.

When someone is the best in the world, at anything, he or she deserves the utmost respect and admiration. Even if it's juggling ping pong balls with your mouth.