SBS has made the Daebak press conference an interactive affair by uploading a 360-degree version of the conference, virtually giving you the best seat in the house and the ability to look around.

The press conference starts with a direct frontal view of the actors’ empty seats. Drag the screen or click the arrows to look around, and watch as lead actors Jang Geun Suk and Yeo Jin Goo sit down in front of you. After introductions, the camera angle changes, positioning you to the side of the stage where you can watch the actors get their photos taken. While you focus in on actress Im Ji Yeon posing in her beautiful yellow dress, you can drag the screen to left to watch in awe at all the flashing light bulbs that go off from the photographers.

360-degree cameras are nothing new, but it is a relatively new technological advancement that YouTube was able to support recently in 2015. When this new feature became supported, boy group INFINITE quickly took advantage of it by releasing a 360-degree version of their single “Bad” in July 2015. On March 25, the multi-international boy group known to be put together by Jackie Chan, JJCC, released a 360-degree version of their comeback song “ToDay”.

Check out the interactive press conference to see where your “eyes” go, and let us know what else you would like to see filmed in 360-degree.

Cover image: SBS / 1