Peek outside your windows right now and chances are the rain is belting down hard, ruining all of your amazing weekend plans! But hold on, there's still hope. What if we told you we have just the perfect plan for you that doesn't even involve getting out of the house! Yup, stay in and binge watch the hilarious  Chief Kim starring Namgoong Min and  Nam Sang Mi. The office comedy is a peek into the lives of  those seemingly boring guys who handle all your money. But at closer inspection turns out, their lives aren't ALL that boring....rather they are pretty darn interesting!


Namgoong Min (Beautiful Gong ShimNam) and Nam Sang Mi (The Joseon Gunman) star in an office comedy that shows how accounting is a deadly business. When a guy who used to manage funds for a mob boss joins a company to embezzle money, he doesn’t realize that he will become a hero for his fellow office drones. Kim Sung Ryong (Namgoong Min) is the 38 year-old Chief of Accounting at TQ Group. Formerly a funds manager for a mob boss, Sung Ryong was fired for stealing from his criminal boss. Once he was caught, Sung Ryong began working at the corrupt offices of TQ Group so he could embezzle funds from them instead. That is because Kim Sung Ryong has one simple rule: if you want to steal money, do it from someone who can’t report it. Therefore, a little “cooking the books” here and there doesn’t bother our hero. He’s too busy pocketing money, getting drunk, and greeting his Danish Flag (in Danish). Essentially, Kim Sung Ryong lives a selfish life and he is proud of it. However that carefree lifestyle changes when he meets his new colleagues. Yoon Ha Kyung (Nam Sang Mi) is an ace accountant. 

She is really, really dedicated. So much so that she goes out in her office gear, hits a few baseballs in a batting cage to “recharge,” and then comes back to work at 11:15PM in the evening. It is common for everyone else to go home and to find her office still bustling and her still hustling. While she doesn’t fully trust the new chief, he truly stars to care for her. Seo Yool (Lee Joon Ho of K-Pop group 2PM and Twenty) is a legend of finance, the TQ Group’s Finance Director and a former prosecutor. He actually brought in Chief Kim because he thought he would be easy to control. Ideally, he thought, someone from outside would either not catch the corruption, or look the other way when corruption happens. He is the epitome of the corporate shark. Hong Ga Eun (Jung Hye Sung) is an excitable and peppy intern. She seems like she would be an easy dinner for the sharks aplenty in the company. However, she seems to know something other people don’t. 

Together, through their kindness, stupidity, and/or evil, the fellow office drones change the way Kim Sung Ryong thinks. Before he knows it, our “hero” starts to care for the common man and is bulldozing plans to harm them. He realizes that he would rather fight for what is right than continue on the path of corruption. But is it possible to bring down your corrupt bosses when you yourself are the chief of lies? Also known as “Good Manager,” Chief Kim is directed by Lee Jae Hoon, who directed the Kim So Hyun mini series, Page Turner. The series is written by Park Jae Bum, who fans will remember for his work on Ahn Jae Hyun’s Blood and Joo Won’s Good Doctor. Cha Tae Hyun (Producer) was originally offered the lead role, but declined. Chief Kim debuted on KBS2 on January 25, 2017. It aired every Wednesday and Thursday at 10PM. The series was 20 episodes long, with the finale on March 30, 2017.



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