When the weather gets gusty, it's time to get cozy with a feel-good drama. If all you want to do is curl up on your couch and have a relaxing weekend in, we recommend you binge-watch the adorable high school drama With You, starring Tan Song Yu and  Liu Hao Ran


When a high school freshman has to deal with her life getting way too chaotic, she finds help in all the relationships she makes in her class. Geng Geng (Tan Song Yun) is a freshman at Zhen Hua High School. Adorable but also somewhat awkward, Geng Geng’s life is currently a bit of a mess. Her dad has just remarried and brought home a new wife and son. Geng Geng also struggles with her exams and homework. The worst of it all is her bickering with her new deskmate. Yu Huai (Liu Hao Ran) is the beloved and envied class genius. Intelligent and very aware of this intelligence, Yu Huai has to sit next to Geng Geng. Together, they have the kind of chemistry that explodes. They argue like a couple, fight like a couple and eventually even like each other like a couple. But neither of them will ever proclaim they are a couple. 

But if it’s proclamations of love Geng Geng seeks, someone will deliver. Lu Xing He (Wang Li Xin) is the school rebel. Just like Yu Huai, he almost immediately falls in love with the “adorkable” Geng Geng. Unlike Yu Huai, Lu Xing He is not shy about his feelings. His declarations of love towards Geng Geng are numerous, shameless and very public. If he has to spend the rest of his life trying to court the girl of his dreams, he will do it. Geng Geng doesn’t know what she wants, but she definitely knows what she doesn’t. She doesn’t want to deal with getting a new school and essentially a new family alone. And as she soon learns by making friends and dealing with this bubbling love triangle, the challenges of life are always a bit easier to face if you have someone with you. 

With You is adapted from Ba Yue Chang An's novel of the same name and originally aired in 2016.


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