Is I'm Not a Robot still leading at the top? Which new drama is rising fast among DramaFever's exclusive Top 10 most popular Asian dramas? Is your favorite show among our most popular K-dramas and other Asian dramas? Let's find out!

I'm Not a Robot is so good at tugging at our heartstrings! The winning drama left us with another heart-wrenching cliffhanger, and we can't wait for the next episode to come soon enough.

Tribes and Empires: The Storm of Prophecy, at #2, is getting close to finishing its long run. Will the ending give us a glimmer of hope? All the viewers who have followed this phenomenal cinematic experience on the small screen deserve a pat on the shoulder. Did you know Shawn Dou originally wanted to play another role instead of Muru Han Jiang?

Nirvana in Fire 2 has broken into the Top 10 to reach #5, stopping just after #4 Goblin. The sequel to the acclaimed Nirvana in Fire has actually exceeded expectation with its new intrigue, new romances, and stunning villains.

Love O2O and Doctor Stranger switched their places and are now at #6 and #7, respectively. Love in Trouble is at #8, with Strong Woman Do Bong Soon at #9, and Revolutionary Love holding up the rear at #10.

New Drama News:

Longing Heart, starring CNBlue singer-actor Lee Jung Shin, has risen into the top 20 at #18. The romantic drama gives a new twist on the time-travel theme, and it's an easy watch with only 10 episodes.

Spring Has Come has arrived just in time to fill the void for fans to see EXO's Kai again. What do you think of his new romantic Japanese drama?

New Weekly Top 10 in order of popularity: 

1. I'm Not A Robot

2. Tribes and Empires: The Storm of Prophecy

3. Running Man

4. Goblin: The Lonely and Great God - (Only on DramaFever)



Starring Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun

添加到队列 从队列中删除 现在收看

5. Nirvana in Fire 2



Starring Huang Xiao Ming and Liu Hao Ran

添加到队列 从队列中删除 现在收看

6. Love O2O - (Only on DramaFever)

7. Doctor Stranger

8. Love in Trouble (aka Suspicious Partner)

9. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon



Starring Park Bo Young and Kim Ji Soo

添加到队列 从队列中删除 现在收看

10. Revolutionary Love - (Only on DramaFever)

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On my regular watchlist now:  Game of Hunting (still catching up), Tribes and Empires: The Storm of ProphecyI'm Not A RobotNirvana in Fire 2, and Longing Heart.

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