A new surprise has been reported about Lee Min Ho's upcoming movie, Gangnam 1970. Originally it was slated to premiere in late November in Seoul, South Korea, before a postponement was announced for January 2015. Now we have a new announcement about when and where the movie will be shown. And what did Lee Min Ho say about it?

The good news is that the overseas rights of Gangnam 1970 (formerly named Gangnam Blues) have been sold to 11 Asian countries with higher than normal prices. The countries include China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, and Myanmar. 

According to news reporting, Lee Min Ho expressed his appreciation by saying, “I feel really grateful that not only Korean fans but also foreign fans support me. Please know that all of my fans cheer me up and give me strength.”

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The surprise news is that the movie will be showing on the exact same day in all 11 Asian countries. Presumably the premiere will still be held in Seoul in January 2015.

Fans are anxiously waiting to see Lee Min Ho starring in his first lead role in a movie. The movie also stars Kim Rae Won. Let's hope the movie will not be further delayed. As soon as the schedule is confirmed, maybe we can check which country is the easiest (and cheapest) to fly to for a movie outing?

View the initial teaser stills HERE.

Watch the official Gangnam 1970 / Gangnam Blues trailer HERE.