Internet fame couldn't come any earlier for a three-year-old girl from Korea who already has 287,000 followers on Instagram. Well, it's technically her mom's account, but the only photos and videos that are uploaded are those of her baby girl. So why so many followers in so short a time? There's one simple reason.

Jae-eun, a cute little three-year-old with a Korean father and half-Korean, half-Japanese mother, has almost 300,000 fans around the word, mostly in Asia at this point in time. That, of course, may change, with all the attention she seems to be getting. Every day, she gains more and more followers who can't help but see what Jae-eun is up to. Her proud mom is not one to disappoint, uploading pictures and videos like there's no tomorrow. But why would any three-year-old have so many followers on social media? 

Apparently, it's simply for the fact that people think Jae-eun is adorable and irresistible! Fans in Asia are obsessed with her charm and looks, a result some fans credit to her mixed heritage. I get it; she is very cute. She's adorable. But any three-year-old is cute to me — I think all kids that age are adorable! So personally, I don't understand the hype, but it is what it is, the crazy world of social media. Her mom probably loves the attention more than Jae-eun does, but as long as they're both happy, which sure looks like they are, I guess that's all that really matters in the end.

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