Welcome, Clients, to level 12 of the Han Shin Medical Center. Here we have the latest technology to enslave.. er, I mean, treat whatever illness you have in complete privacy. We have doctors on call to see to your every whim and don’t worry about our newest doctor. He grovels a bit and only cares about money, but he’s a brilliant surgeon with plenty of experience with secret, high profile clients. If you would like more information on our services please direct all inquiries towards Nurses Wendilynn, Firnlambe, and Caroline as they keep us up to date with the latest gossip from Level 12 in Yong Pal.

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Firnlambe: Can I just say . . . Joo Won’s eyes must have Medical Joseon Black Magic (that’s right I’m onto you Black Magic) engraved in them. He always seems to be able to visualize exactly what is wrong with his patients.

YPe1 visualize.jpg

Wendilynn: Yes, I also got a little bit of “Good Doctor” deja vu with that. I enjoyed the effect anyway.

Caroline: “Good Doctor” vibe is just right, I almost checked the drama I was watching, but because I knew that our “good” doctor wasn’t the type to treat gangsters in the middle of the night I realized that Joo Won has yet again chosen the “I’m awesome” role for his drama.

Firnlambe: Oh dear God . . . now I’m envisioning our dear Doctor having a massive stuttering attack ala Park Shi On in a weird cross drama mix. bwahahaha I shouldn’t be laughing but that vision is just too much.

YongPal vs Good Doctor.jpg

Wendilynn: LOL! I thought they used a pretty interesting method to introduce us to both our Hero and Heroine. We get Kim Tae Hee’s back story and then we get Joo Won in a secret room doing emergency surgery and blood transfusion. You sort of knew the story at that point. lol

Caroline: There wasn’t much stuttering, but there sure was a lot of grovelling. I think the Kim Tae Hee aka Young Ae’s backstory didn’t need to be repeated twice. I figure we’ll have to see this a bunch of other times throughout, but for now I really like Tae Hyun. Seems to have a good head on his shoulders =P lol, whatever that means in dramaland.

Firnlambe: It means he’s got quick thinking skills and can grovel his way out of any situation if need be.That’s what that means.


Wendilynn: There was a lot of groveling. He knew when to kiss butt and when to be serious though. I found it slightly nauseating...oh who am I kidding, I found it absolutely nauseating how rank and money decided if you died or lived in that hospital. The way Tae Hyun’s mother died, the way they sniveled to the new interns who had important connections. Oh my gosh. Even abusing Tae Hyun by having him finish dangerous surgeries so they wouldn’t have to be blamed for it if it went wrong. Remind me NEVER to go to this hospital. EVER!!!

Caroline: That was depressing =( I was like “No way!” cause that doctor was just standing there telling him how lucky he was for him to be there and BAM just like that, he’s not. Kinda sets how “luck” is gonna be. Plus the sister who needs dialysis three times a week … Ugh. Poor guy.

YPe1 brother.jpg

Firnlambe: I’m looking forward to how they weave in the romance in this show. As it’s shaping up to be currently, there’s a lot of action and deceit so seeing how Tae Hyun falls for Tae Hee will be a treat.

Caroline: This has “melodrama” before romance though, so I wouldn’t hold out for much of the romance at all. They’ll probably awkwardly squeeze it in there somehow. I’m ready for the crime part because I still can’t get over “Heartless City” and want some of that awesomeness in every KDrama ever.

Wendilynn: I don’t know what I expect in the romance dept. I have a funny suspicion that her accident and the subsequent surgeries is what created the situation that killed his mother. I expect a revenge angle in here somewhere. And what is up with the Director? There’s something sick going on that she’s being forced to be in a coma.


Firnlambe: oooo her being the super VVIP will definitely be a wet blanket on the romance meter. I must say, I don’t know about you two, but I was extremely grateful these writers didn’t drag out her coma for more than two episodes. If we had to deal with Tae Hee being in veggie state longer than 3 episodes I just might have screamed in S. Korea’s general direction.

Caroline: Hehe. They took her out of the coma and sliced her palm and wrist, right as he’s going to operate on that dude too. Wanna bet that’s gonna be a repeat of the VVIP/Mum thing? Chief calling “Go upstairs dude!” which would kill the patient, but he won’t so more tension!! (I think I just took over the Drama Writer’s Job) lol.

Wendilynn: lol, Caroline, some things are just expected. But, I was glad to see that Tae Hyun’s character was shown early on to be caring and hardworking. By the time we get to this unknown patient, we know he’s not really as uncaring as he appeared. The way he took care of that Gangster Boss was something else. Shooting them with adrenaline so they could survive the shock of hitting the water was such a desperate act. He could have easily abandoned that gangster at any time, but he didn’t. From the way that Boss was smiling, I’m sure we’ll see him again.


Firnlambe: I hope we see him again too. I agree that you can tell the Boss has taken an interest in Yong Pal. While we are on the topic of the gangsters . . . who else was rolling when the biggest and toughest looking one turned out to be a total teddy bear (respectively speaking of course). His reaction to being caught lying about his blood type was classic.

Wendilynn: I wonder if that little blood type tagging he did on all the gangster’s he’s treated will come back as a plot point later? Speaking of plot points, I had to laugh when the side kick told Tae Hyun that there was no way the Cops would come looking for him because of the scalpel. I thought he was dead for sure when Director Lee put 2 and 2 together.


Caroline: I thought it was weird that he put 2 and 2 together. They didn’t even mention Yong Pal, did they? How did that even happen?

Firnlambe: He saw Tae Hyun return late at night remember? I’m sure he noticed how weary he was on his way back inside.

Caroline: Yea, I remember that part. But the “Yong Pal” part is something I must have missed. The cops only mentioned that they found it. I didn’t notice any “By the way, Yong Pal is either stealing from you or working here” until the elevator scene.

YPe2  Director Lee.jpg

Wendilynn: No, I believe they mentioned it, also, we didn’t get to see their whole conversation. Remember the scene where Tae Hyun is looking over anxiously? Who knew that being a brilliant surgeon, working in secret with gangsters and being willing to grovel to save his job so he can help his sister, would end up landing him a gig that could see him as Chief someday?!

Firnlambe: Listen to Nurse Wendilynn if you want to get far dear Clients . . . she knows what’s what.

The first two episodes were action packed and told a lot of story.  Just how deep into medical slavery will Tae Hyun find himself?  What lies in store for him now that he's going to be working on Level 12 and will he be able to save our John Doe patient via the X-ray room?  Will they put Han Yeo Jin back into the coma or has cutting herself forced them to keep her awake?  

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