With Japan's Meteorological Agency announcing on the 30th of March that cherry blossoms all over were officially in bloom, cherry blossom season is in full swing. If you want to party big this year, or if you're lacking girls or entertainment, rent out this idol group to come party under the cherry trees with you!

Cherry blossom viewing parties are a custom, taking place pretty much every day the cherry blossoms are in bloom. Families, friends and co-workers will lay mats on the ground right under a cherry tree and eat, drink and be merry right under falling cherry blossoms. Finding a great spot under a tree in full bloom is key. Good food and a lot of sake is also key. But so is the entertainment!

A group of girls called Chucky's Infinity(I have no idea what that means) will show up at your party and entertain and flirt with you while wearing office lady outfits! They are called "Nomidols," nomi meaning drink and dols the suffix for idols. So they are girls who identify themselves as idols specializing in drinking with you. No touching is allowed, but they do go out of their way to give guys a little peak while they're singing or doing whatever else they do.

"We might be idols, but we're free to fall in love with whoever we want." Some salarymen are getting their money's worth.