Ah, the age-old quest for eternal youth. There have been fairy tales written about it, expeditions sent out in search of it, and even scientific research conducted to unlock its secrets. In today's day and age, the desire to remain youthful (or at least appear as such) has produced a multibillion dollar global industry spanning cosmetics, surgery, clothing, pharmaceuticals/supplements, physical training, and health foods all in the name of taking off a few years or turning back the clock. However, Masako Mizutani, a recent online sensation gaining attention for her unbelievable youthful appearance, may be living proof that time can be triumphed over! Don't believe me? You will never guess just how old she really is and just how simple her secret is!

If you have seen a picture of Masako Mizutani, it is not surprising at all to find out that she was the winner of Japan's Youthful Pageant held two years ago. What might surprise you, however, is that she does not seem to have aged a day since then...still looking not a day over 20! 

(Masako Mizutani at age 47 when she won the pageant)

Masako has been given the nickname "Japan's Lady of Eternal Youth," and for good reason! Masako was 47 years old when she won the Youthful Pageant, but two years later at age 49, she still looks as young as ever! 


Just what is her secret? Masako revealed that she follows a strict vegetarian diet, doesn’t go near alcohol / tobacco, limits her exposure to the sun, and spends at least 5 hours a day on skin and body care! It's too bad that she didn't go into more detail about the specifics of her 5 hour beauty regiment (must be a trade secret). Talk about dedication to yourself! 

(Masako Mizutani on the right and her daughter on the left in red)

Ye, the general stereotype out there is that Asian women tend to look younger than their actual age, but the true extent of Masako's unbelievable youthful looks is perhaps made even more clear when you take a look at her standing beside her own daughter!

Would you spend 5 hours a day to stay looking this youthful? What did you think Masako's true age was? Let us know below!



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